Sue Moxley's Art
Satisfying the need to create joy and beauty.

Sue Moxley's Biography

I was born and grew up in England where art was an important part of my early years. I emigrated to Canada in the late 60's and my pursuit of art was put on hold while managing a family, earning undergraduate and post graduate degrees and enjoying a diverse career in nursing.

During my career, I had always planned to take up art again. I was following in the footsteps of a number of other artists in my family, one of whom was my mother. Although untrained, she had a natural sense of perspective, colour and value, which resulted in a number of great landscapes. However, rather than waiting until eighty-two, as she had done, I began taking courses and workshops in preparation for my second career as an artist.

In recent years I discovered an art studio in Kars where I continued to learn the techniques of acrylic painting and the use of mixed media techniques in art. Under the guidance of Ann Gruchy I have taken further watercolour courses and workshops.

I continue to explore different mediums and subjects in art and enjoy taking on challenges and difficult subjects.

Art in Brantwood Park

June 2015 at Brantwood Park, Ottawa East.