Sue Moxley's Art
Satisfying the need to create joy and beauty.

Sue Moxley's Biography

Art in all forms has always been a part of my life, where colour, form and composition are involved everywhere. Creating brings enormous satisfaction. My retirement project was to become more active through educational activities and practice with various mediums. The last ten or more years have given me that opportunity. This path has led to participating in courses and workshops in a variety of mediums that range from drawing to dry pastel, colour pencil, acrylic, water colour, oils and mixed media.

It has also led to my meeting many inspiring artists who use a wide range of mediums and techniques through participation in the Kars open studio with Ann Gruchy, and has contributed to a body of knowledge that I can draw on. A reflection of this experience was coined by Edgar Degas, who said,

“Painting is easy when you don't know how, but difficult when you do”

A big step for me was becoming a member of the Manotick Art Association and Art Lending Ottawa which encouraged and provided the opportunity to show my work in a variety of settings. It also provides opportunities to explore new mediums and different topics as well as to learn from leaders in the local art community. I enjoy taking on challenges and difficult subjects, and accept commissions, in particular dogs and other animals. Pablo Picasso once said,

“Learn the rules like a pro. Break them like an artist”.

I see this as a lifelong enjoyable pursuit.