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Comments from Heavy Weather's new owner - Nash Chahal I find the ominous clouds quite exciting and they capture the story of my life until I graduated from UBC. During this period I guess I was "super alive" due to the challenges of getting ready for this world. After that things became more normal and I could coast if I wanted to. I find that the scene rather than frightening me it invigorates me - a nice feeling. Thank you for capturing this feeling in your painting.
Nash Chahal - 28 Apr 2017
Sue, Just a note to express our appreciation for creating such a beautiful painting which we now proudly display in our home. You are a very talented lady and we look forward to enjoying this very special work of art for years to come. Thank you. Rob and Ruth LeBreton
Rob and Ruth LeBreton - 9 Oct 2016
Wow! I have just time perusing your website! Well set up, inspiring, and showcases your ever increasing artistic expertise and talent. Happy to own a "Moxley" and wish we had room for more... Congratulations, Carole
Carole Baker - 20 Jul 2016
So glad to be able to paint along with you in our art class. I am inspired by your paintings. I have a ways to go, but am encouraged as I watch you grow and create such lovely artwork. Your website is super too. Congrats!
Linda Thomas-Fisher - 28 May 2016
Beautifully done, Sue. Your art is very impressive. Congratulations!
Dorothy Scorsone - 26 Mar 2016
Sue, Excellet work! Congratulations ,very tallented lady. Thank you for sharing with me.
Wendy - 11 Mar 2016
Bert's Hands is my favoutrite.😊
Pamela - 10 Mar 2016
These paintings are beautiful! I love the website.
Feather - 9 Mar 2016
Well done, Sue, you are always out there doing something interesting.. I do hope that Vancouver Island works out for you and you see sun (lots of it ) very soon. Love Carole
Carole baker - 9 Mar 2016
Wonderful venture. WE toast you!
Carol and Marv - 8 Mar 2016
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